Steel City Starz
Pittsburgh Women’s Wheelchair Basketball
About Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair basketball is primarily played by people with disabilities. The first game was played in 1946. It is based on the rules of able-bodied basketball with adaptations for the use of wheelchairs. The NWBA is the national organization for the United States and comprises of over 180 men’s, women’s, intercollegiate, and youth teams. International games  (e.g., the paralympic games) are played between  national teams with support by the IWBF.
Brandi Zimmerman Memorial Tournament (10.20-22.2006) Part II
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About the Steel City Starz
The Steel City Starz is Pittsburgh’s women’s wheelchair basketball team.   The team is sponsored by the HOPE network and is coached by John Sikora, Theresa Crytzer, and Chaz Kellem. Erica is on the team since being a wheelchair user is not a requirement to be on the team.  The rest of the team consists of women ranging in age from approximately 10 to 50 years old.
Brandi Zimmerman Memorial Tournament (10.20-22.2006) Part I