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    Robert Joseph Tamburo, Ph.D.
    1538 McFarland Road, Dormont, PA, 15216

    Intelligent, motivated research engineer with a proven track record of creative problem solving and mastering new
    technologies seeks a growth position in a research and development setting.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering, Signals and Imaging Concentration (May 2006)
    Dissertation Title: Feature-Based Correspondences to Infer the Location of Anatomical Landmarks

    Master of Science in Bioengineering, Signals and Imaging Concentration (Dec. 2002)
    Thesis Title: Gradient-Oriented Boundary Profiles for Shape Analysis Using Medial Features

    Bachelor of Science in Physics with Engineering Emphasis, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (May 1999)


    Research Fellow (May 2010 - Present)
    • Developed and implemented computational algorithms (C++) for detecting anatomical features and features indicative
    of diabetic retinopathy in fundus images
    • Worked with a local Optometrist and an international Ophthalmologist to define and refine clinical indicators
    • Utilized computer cluster to perform thorough testing of algorithms
    • Participated in process definition and team management for algorithm development and testing
    • Coordinated research efforts with interstate team member
    • Designed and developed a web-based application (HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript) to facilitate the annotation of
    fundus images
    • Designed user interface for use by clinicians
    • Incorporated mechanism for image transfer and submission of clinical reports
    • Adapted to changing user needs through agile practices and flexible design
    • Implemented new functionality to meet new research specifications
    • Managed and organized data for secure storage and transmission
    • Created real-time demonstration for lab open house
    • Acquired fundus images from human participants with non-mydriatic fundus camera
    • Designed GUI-based application to analyze images in real-time and display resultant images
    • Designed web-based application permitting users to navigate images analyzed offline

    Research Principal (2009 - 2010)
    • Led project for studying structural and functional brain changes in HIV and drug abuse under hypercapnic conditions
    • Created imaging protocol for acquiring BOLD and ASL functional MRI images
    • Designed experimental study for determining optimal ASL sequence parameters
    • Developed image processing streams for analyzing BOLD, ASL, MPRAGE, and DTI MRI images
    • Designed and constructed hardware for delivering medical grade air or air with 5% CO2 to study participant
    • Performed routine maintenance and repairs for out of production capnometer
    • Devised schema for recording physiological data from capnometer by rewiring a parallel to USB cable
    • Supervised acquisition of MRI images during scan at medical center

    Post-Doctoral Fellow (2006 - 2009)
    • Developed a method for localizing amygdalar structural differences in late-life depression
    • Implemented methods (in C++) for tessellating surfaces, determining point correspondences, and computing surface-based statistics
    • Designed an application to visualize and compare surface models
    • Developed software for performing real-time fMRI (BOLD) analysis
    • Implemented methods for computing BOLD activity within an image ROI as acquired
    • Provided graphical display for study participant as cue to increase or decrease emotional task
    • Conducted study for systematically assessing amygdalar size normalization strategies for volumetric analysis

    Graduate Student Researcher (M.S. and Ph.D., 1999 - 2006)
    • Developed algorithms and software applications for medical image analysis using C++, ITK, VTK, and FLTK
    • Developed a novel method for identifying feature correspondences between images for shape recognition
    • Developed a novel method for locating boundaries with sub-pixel resolution, approximating the width of those boundaries, and estimating the intensity of objects on either side of the boundary
    • Implemented filters, data structures, and other software tools for M.S. and Ph.D. research in ITK (C++) and contributed them to the toolkit
    • Developed MMCApp, a GUI-based application for performing key aspects of Ph.D. research
    • Developed iSTAR, an application for constructing a model of the human brain from shape primitives
    • Performed thorough testing and validation of segmentation algorithms on real-time three-dimensional ultrasound cardiac images and synthetic brain images
    • Contributed to the development of Shel s and Spheres, a novel algorithm framework for medical image segmentation
    • Designed light attachment for the Sonic FlashlightTM, an ultrasound device for guiding interventional procedures
    • Used SolidWorks for 3D hardware casing design, generated using rapid prototyping and machining processes
    • Assembled and tested prototype device

    Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux/Unix
    Programming Skil s: C/C++, HTML, HTML5, CSS, LaTeX, PHP, Javascript, Shell Scripting
    Toolkits/Tools: ITK, VTK, FLTK, CMake, CVS, SVN, Doxygen
    Image Analysis Tools: SPM, AFNI, FSL, AIR, ImageJ, OsiriX, Slicer, ITK-SNAP, MIPAV
    Development Environments: Matlab, MS Visual Studio 5, 6, 2005, Borland, Cygwin, MinGW, GCC
    Other: MS Office Suite, Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, EndNote, SPSS, JMP

    • Internal grant review and reviewer for scientific conferences and journals
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Membership (2007-2009)
    • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Membership (2007 - 2009)
    • Engineers for a Sustainable World National Chapter Membership (2006-2007)
    • Engineers for a Sustainable World University of Pittsburgh Chapter Membership (2006-2007)

    • Summer Research Institute in Geriatric Psychiatry (2007)
    • National Institutes of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fel owship (2006)
    • School of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (2002)

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